Unfit Fitness

So after days and days of objections and questionable conclusions, I finally summed up the courage to follow through with my trial membership and evaluate my options. The treadmill stressed me out the most, OMG planking is a trip. My 1st day was fun and I liked the trainer concept, however, I’m exhausted and excited to continue my three-day trial, it feels like I’m about to embark upon greatness if I continue with this challenge.

You can do it shellster!

You got this! ūüė£15209636439001885230993

Gym Phobia

So for years, I’ve been telling myself to enroll in a gym but somehow I always procrastinate¬†then back out and get fatter in the process of doing so, I have now come to the realization that it is more than me being lazy, I am afraid¬†of going to gym I’m afraid of getting up and going to do it.

I’m at a point in the journey of fluctuating weight where I’ve never been before I am not particularly fond of myself being this overweight, mostly because¬†tops are becoming harder to find with larger arms and bigger boobs, larger breast are great until you have a backache everytime¬†you move.

So today I made the 1st step towards shedding some pounds and or gaining some muscle tomorrow I hope I can actually get up and go inquire at the nearby gyms without feeling out of place or like I don’t belong.

Ps. I really just want to be able to wear flannels in peace and not in pieces.

Food hop…

So today I decided to try the food down the road before experimenting to cook it myself 

So the appetizer was great it  was like a fortune cookie with potato and bean stuffing the sauces were great I still don’tknow what the green o e taste like but it’s good the dark is kinda sweet but awesome really great.

Shoulder Angel’s

Kind hearts

broken smiles

Sad faces

Straying minds

Clean garments

Lying tongue

Face the truth you might have to give up hun. 

No you won’t because I’ll push you to try, to feel to ignore to see the path before thee.

Her smile is broken but her thoughts are clear she’ll move on. Won’t you dear?

You’ve kissed, you’ve lost, you’ve given and were tossed give up now you’ve lost 

It’s true you’ll miss the beautiful lies, the great Impulsive nights, it’s true but you’ll get to do so much more just with time

Let’s just try for tonight, let your mind stray to a better light 


We’ll be here with facts just in case your mind still isn’t intact…


Hurricane Harvey

So it’s been a few days since hurricane Harvey made landfall, and boy it was an experience. The sleepless nights before, during and after, seeing what was going on, in and around, being afraid to watch the news because it continues to get worst and fearing a similar faith is waiting for you later on, hope you can help the people who can’t help themselves.

I’ve experienced hurricanes before, multiple, however I experienced them mostly in the Caribbean and Harvey is by far the longest, scariest and most destructive one I’ve been in thus far, I have never wanted something to end so badly in my life, it was quite an ordeal, one I don’t think I anyone will forget but luckily, my family and I are safe

T.he sun has been out for two days now and it feels great, the water on the road seems to be rising due to a breach involving the dams and we are in-between two of them, It’s impossible for anything but trucks to drive on it now but hopefully it goes down soon, Yesterday I took a stroll to one of the nearby stores to get some food and they were still only letting in five persons every five minutes, everyone cooperated well and waited in line to be served.


Stupid Cupid

I hate to love,

I hate to miss,

I hate to cry,

I love to kiss,

Stupid Cupid leave me alone,

Stupid Cupid Let me be,

Stupid Cupid let me enjoy the moment,

I’ve seen love and that’s not where I’d like to be,

Stupid Cupid my heart is saying give that arrow to me,

but my brain rejects this fusion to be,

Stupid Cupid I hate to cry but I love to kiss,

Stupid Cupid I want to love,

I want to love the soul of another,

Stupid Cupid I want all these things and I know genies don’t exist,

When I find that true love I see in the films,

When will I until then I’ll have to hope,

be an optimist and try to cope…

S.-A. D.


I can taste the pain,

I love the feeling of fresh pain,

The pain I know I enjoyed,

The pain I wanted to feel,

The Pain that gets me excited at a thought,

The pain that will have me smiling about it for days maybe weeks,

The pain that gives me memories,

The pain that makes me bite my lip,

The pain that keeps my mind at ease,

The pain I want to care for,

The pain I want to keep,

The pain I’ll give no release,

The pain that gets my adrenaline rush up,

The pain I’d rather feel than nothing at all…